Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Breaking Your Karma Connections

Karma Candles at my shop has been a hit! I really  happy that  scent itself is new favorite. So how do Karma  candles work? These are  not return to sender for those that have harm you. I   don't even do that kind of spell work. Besides  my magic  candles are for positive intentions only, for the good to not harm anyone.  Basically, the idea  of karma candles  is to  help you let go  of the past that seems to be haunting you. I am sure all of us have some kind of emotional baggage we revisit every now and then. Sometimes, we  wonder why we had to go through  the pain and  sometimes there is no direct answer to why  that event occurred.  Nevertheless, it is something we  must release  within our own self so we can  move forward with our own life.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Feburary Giveaway: Eternal Love Pillar Candle

Eternal Love Red Spell Pillar Candle for strengthening love bonds,  passionate love, bewitchment, sexual intimacy

This month  I decided to run a Giveaway  since Valentine's Day is coming  up!  You  are going  to win a  Eternal Love Spell Candle  with a sample of my passion oil to help bring the  love  of someone special close to you!  So fitting  for Valentine's Day right?? :)   The candle  itself leans forward  though, just you are aware but it should still  be fine for burning  purposes.  Other than that, its packed with the magical herbs  you need to work your magic.

Couple of changes to the  giveaway:  Facebook has become strict with  giveaways.  So to be fair as  possible, the  following options are created. You can share the giveaway once  on  Facebook... but Facebook no longer allows likes as entries for giveaways. Its understandable as  likes are suppose to be  genuine fans and not for entries. Entries will be shared on Facebook once and you can tweet additional entries through twitter to get into the giveaway. You may subscribe to my newsletter if you are really interested in getting updates and have as a free entry every time. But if you opt out after the giveaway end,  I will  disqualify you for future entries to any other giveaways I  run in the future.   Please understand the  giveaway entries are to reflect fairness for any prize in my shop.

This  giveaway is good for  world wide,  so anyone can  enter.  Please play fair,  the winners  entry will be checked.   Not filling out  the  form correctly, will result  disqualification of  winning the prize and I  will  select another winner.  Winner  also must respond within 48  hours  of  contact to receive a prize. Fail to respond in a timely manner will also mean I need to select another winner  to receive the prize.

 If  you have any questions,  please let me know.  Good Luck!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Healing With Ho'oponopono Chanting


It's been a while since I have been keeping up with my blog, but  I am back again. Sorry for the long pause in  between, with my shop becoming busier,  finding the  time to manage everything seems challenging as it is. Although, I am grateful  for  what I have been able to achieve  through my shop  and being able to meet wonderful people through out the process.

Today, I wanted to share with you the  Ho'oponopono  chant  when it comes to healing yourself.  I have been working on healing my own self as I  have discovered in order to manifest the things I want in life, I need to be able to heal my own  self  so I can  move forward. I  discovered this when I was  reading more manifesting  books last year and its probably one of the best techinques that I have come  across. It has helped me  be the person I am today so I  do hope this  little wisdom can help you.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Home Cleansing Your Sacred Space

Home Cleanse Purple Pillar Spell Aromatherapy Candle  for protection, exocrism, power, remove negativity, banishing, potency

My latest creation the Home cleansing  collection is finally out. It's been a long time  coming because I been  wanting to do this collection for  some time.  Cleansing  your home is very important  because  of our daily interactions with people.   Whether you live on your own or with others treat your  home as a sacred  space. Your home  should always feel warm and inviting as well as  positive  whether its your  coming home or  guests  arriving to spending quality time with you. When your  home is cleansed,  you will be able to  vibrate  on  higher  level of energy.   When you feel positive, you will attract  positive  which also helps with manifesting the desires that you  have been trying to achieve.   Regardless   home cleansing  is great way   to get rid of old , bad or negative  out of your  space. Especially  when you  start feeling negative  more than  normal, this is usually  a sign to do some cleansing  of energy. you will feel refreshed or  even lighter not letting  your worries cloud your mind once you have cleansed your  sacred space.    I recommend  doing   home  cleanse  once month for best results.  Of course  if you wait longer than that, what you will find  is that there may be more build up of negative energy to work with. Regardless you will feel the  cleansing happening as you light these candles 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Shop Feature: Garasu Wonderland

Hi Everyone,
  It has been a while but  just recently there is a new a shop feature that you may be interested in.  Koren from  Garasu Wonderland has a wonderful shop that features hand painted glass art. I love the  different types of textures she uses  for her art.  Great pieces  of art that you can enjoy at home as decorations.Her  colorful her art glass  pieces are very inspirational and heartwarming too!  My favorite piece  from her is the heart glass bottle she has  in her shop but even the sun catchers she has makes me smile :)  Be sure to check  out her  shop, these  items can bring positive  energy to anyone's home, and  with the holidays coming up around the corner this is would be a great unique  gift  to add in  your gift list.
Love in a Bottle・Hand Painted Glass Flower Vase・Hearts in Soft Pink & White・Romantic Home Decor Accents/ Personalised Valentines Gifts

1. How did you come up with the Name of your Shop?
"Garasu" means glass in Japanese. I love glass, love its transparency, its opaqueness and its many different expressions under light. As my shop is about hand painted glass wonders so I named it Garasu Wonderland.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Magic of Good Luck Candles

It's been a while since I  blogged  but that is because  my business has  been picking up and since  I am the only one that does everything from creating to all these social media post,  it seems the day never ends! Every time I working my shop, I love the energy I bring  to  product I bring  to my shop. One my  newest creations  is the  Good Luck Candles and  it has taken me  a good 6 months to  make the right ingredients  to work  it effectively. The difference  between Good Luck candles and Money  Drawing candles is Good Luck candles can really draw in money more  quickly and bring more good things to your life. I thought the hardest challenge in doing  good luck candles  was the  oil itself. Again it was through experimentation and  of testing that got me this far to producing the candle itself.  The Good Luck oil itself  has been  steeped with  herbs and  even  high john conqueror to make sure all  blockages are cleared  so it can  create   more opportunities  to  receiving  more good luck your way. Keep in mind  you can be getting money  from all  different sources so always have an  open mind.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Featured On The Art & Tree Chatter of Aquarian + Giveaway

 Dragons Blood Room Spray by Joie Joelle

This month  I am  partnering up with  Kristin  from the The Art & Tree Chatter of Aquarian.  Kristin has been very kind  to feature me and I have to say that I love her blog. I thought it was  very  fitting  with the whole fairy theme  and thought that it was  mystical!  Kristin was kind enough to do a review  on my Dragon Blood Room Spray, which has been quite a hit at my store so be sure read up on  her thoughts about the  product.

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